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The Business Suit to Sweat Suit parent education program is committed to complete customer satisfaction! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all mail-ordered products. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, simply return the product for a full refund.

Webinar registrations are refundable provided cancellations are made at least 24 hours prior to the start of the webinar. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $10 administrative fee.

Parent Education Programs, Products and Services

My Parent, My Hero                                                                    $9.97
Do you have a favorite person in life that you consider a hero? Are you a role model or hero for your child or children? Many parents possess the qualities that distinguish them as heroes to their children. This book is about why many parents are considered heroes to their children, and how you can distinguish yourself as your child's hero. 

Professional Development and Speaking Engagements
If you are looking for a fun and energetic presenter for your next professional development activity, community outreach, or education series, look no further. Myrna Toote will share her knowledge, skills, and expertise in parenting, parent education, and parenthood with your audience. She inspires others to find ways to give children the best possible chance for having a successful life. Contact us today to find out more about scheduling her for your next event.
On Becoming a Parent: A Journey of Professional Transition from Business Suit to Sweat Suit                   $9.97
This eBook offers an intimate guide into one professional parent’s transition from business suit to sweat suit. Not so long ago, Myrna Toote's professional responsibility was to that of the many children, parents, families, and communities where she worked. After giving birth to her twin son and daughter, a professional transition took place. Now Myrna's goal is to give recognition and honor to the many 'sweat suit' professionals who are faced with daily challenges in raising children. Read about how she inspires other parents to give their children the best possible chance at success in life!
E-books:    (Preorder Now! Releasing March 2015)

Parents are Professionals Too                                                             $9.97
This parenting e-book provides a rationale as to why parenting ought to be considered among the abundance of professions in the United States. Whether we choose to call ourselves housewives, stay-at-home moms/dads, or homemaker, our professional responsibility is to raise strong, resilient children ready for the future. Parenting should be given this distinction, because after all, Parents are Professionals Too!
GrAding Your Parenting Skills                                                            $9.97
Parenting is unlike any College or University degree program that you will ever encounter. There are no required textbooks, no course syllabus, and no midterm and final exams. Yet, society has a way of grAding our parenting skills based largely in part on our relationships with our children and with how our children behave, as they become participating members of the society. GrAding Your Parenting Skills provides a supportive and encouraging way for parents to reflect on their parenting skills.