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Myrna Toote previously worked in public education for over nine years as a school psychologist and director of special education. She is presently a full-time professional parent of her two children. Myrna's interest in parenting and parent education includes her involvement in workshop and seminar presentations on issues related to parenting, child development, and learning. She has presented to audiences of school administrators, teachers, parents, guardians, and other civic groups. Her strong belief in the well-being of children is what motivates her to educate parents about the secrets to making a positive and lasting impact in the lives of young children everywhere! 

In 2007, Myrna became more intimately involved in parent education having given birth to her twin son and daughter. She joined the ranks of other professional parents worldwide and is now practicing daily the secrets she teaches others in her parent education programs. Her professional career has transitioned from 'business suit to sweat suit.'
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Parenting e-Book - About the Author Myrna Toote

While pursuing the requirements for her doctoral degree in 2010, Myrna realized that parenting as a profession is not recognized or distinguished as that of a plethora of other professions in the United States. To honor the self-sacrificial profession of parenthood, and give recognition to parents everywhere, Myrna created the 'Business Suit to Sweat Suit' parent education program in order to share her expertise and insights with others through such mediums as her parenting e-books
Myrna's commitment to excellence is admired by many, as evidenced by her being voted, "most likely to succeed" in her undergraduate graduating class. In 1992, her University's faculty and staff voted her, "Student of the Month." She is a writer, and enjoys listening to music, and spending time with her children.
Myrna lives in McKinney, TX with her husband and two children.