"Merely to be a parent is nothing; to parent, everything."

Parenting is a challenging profession requiring individuals, primarily women, to effectively guide, nurture, and discipline their children. It has been described as one of the toughest jobs human beings have, consisting of a 24-hour workday, no coffee breaks, no pay, no thanks, and no promotion. Parenthood requires that parents face many challenges while caring for infants, including sleep deprivation and mastery of multitasking. Parents face many significant changes in everyday life; they sacrifice personal goals and achievement, while being completely dedicated to the needs of their children. Parenting involves a massive amount of complex tasks, and can be an extremely rewarding profession!
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Honoring professional parents for the great job you do!

The world has approximately 2 billion children, almost 76.5 million of whom live in the United States of America. This is an average of 2-3 children per US household. Guiding, nurturing, and providing opportunities whereby children grow into productive citizens who give back to society is no easy task. Parenting requires a certain degree of skill, expertise, and advice. Presently, there are no formal parent education programs at college or universities dedicated to training individuals to become professional parents. Athletes have coaches, teachers have mentors, interns have supervisors, and parents have ... Business Suit to Sweat Suit was created to fill that void. We offer proven and tried parental knowledge, expertise, and insights through our parenting e-books that will help you manage the myriad of issues you face as a parent. We honor you for the great job you do because we believe parents are professionals too!